MEI Anniversaries

MEI May Anniversaries

19 Years – Everett Blackwell, Arthur Eisenhauer, Ellen Wellen

18 Years – John Bohn, Michael Foval, Dennis Robert

17 Years – George Goodwin

13 Years – Don Morton

12 Years – Jason Crook, Don Nicholoff

10 Years – Tony Walker

9 Years – Dan Hart

8 Years – Charles Mansfield, Randy Tritch

7 Years – Loren Baugh, Tim Hancock, Joseph Williams

4 Years – Bryan Walther

3 Years – John Bruhn, Jake Cannon, Max Lackritz, Jerry Strobel

2 Years – Brian Barrington, Shirley Baucom, Joshua Bennett, Kenneth Dixon, Donny Donaby, Brandon Fair, Donnie Foster, Mark Rustige, Thomas Thompson, Jeremy Wicker, Chad Wright, Marvin Young

1 Year – Rickey Harris, John Noethen

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


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