MEI Anniversaries

June Anniversaries

28 Years – Ricky Volner

22 Years – Rick Rhoades, Gary Steffen

20 Years – John Seets Jr., Jon Smolak

19 Years – Thomas Hanks

18 Years – Steve Barach, Craig Hanks, John Ribble

17 Years – Robert Jones

13 Years – Mike Bush

12 Years – Dwana Adams

11 Years – Chris Andrews, Jeff LaPlant

10 Years – Claude Burney, Rick Combs, Anthony Ledbetter, Gary Shoemaker

9 Years – Roderick Brown, Herbert Herring

7 Years – Josh Garner, Chad Hulvey, Dave Rogers

4 Years – Ryan Perry

3 Years – Matthew Edwards

2 Years – Brian Haas, David James, Dwayne Wilson

1 Year – Jedidiah Church, Jeremy Dougherty, Skip Gunning, Taylor Hancock, Michael Schwarze

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


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